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In 1995, DIANCO, an innovator in the field of web-based Yellow Pages, created the first fully functional toll free directory on the World Wide Web. The Internet 800 Directory has become the definitive site on the Internet for people to locate products or services via a toll free number. Because of this position, The Internet 800 Directory attracts millions and millions of users each year. No other toll free directory enjoys this type of steady, continual growth.

It already has international recognition and has achieved #1 positioning and/or relationships including Excite, Lycos, MSN, Yahoo, NBCi, LookSmart, AOL, HotBot and Alta Vista. It also has strategic alliances as the toll free directory with Qwest Dex, WhoWhere?,,, Net2Phone, InfoSpace, Acxiom, QRatings and Volt Information Sciences. These alliances and positioning within the Internet are of extreme importance and value and benefit all sales and marketing initiatives.

Regardless of how the Internet and the World Wide Web have grown, 90% of Americans use toll free numbers to generate over $250 billion in annual sales of goods and services. Companies with toll free numbers recognize this valuable tool as an integral part of their business and an important factor in generating sales. In fact, In addition, experts say that 84% of current Internet users rely on electronic media search for product or service information in order to make a purchase. Being able to locate the toll free number on the Internet greatly improves the success rate of any Internet ad or Web site. People accessing the Internet 800 Directory are doing so in order to call for goods or services. Read some of our Users' comments by clicking HERE.

The Directory provides affordable,
targeted advertising.

Contrary to pre-existing notions, it does not matter how many people see a banner ad. A non-targeted banner ad that appears on a heavily trafficked site is less likely to be clicked than an ad that appears as the direct result of a consumer's search.

Purchasers perform searches in The Internet 800 Directory because they have a need for a specific product or service. Advertisers in the Internet 800 Directory are given a special priority so that their listings are returned before any of the hundreds of thousands of free listings.

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