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The comments below are samples of the type of responses that the Internet 800 Directory elicits:

Thanks for providing such a useful directory that the public can use for free. We often refer our customers to search your database to help them find certain toll free numbers since you have more listings than anyone else. Your system always produces the highest quality results for toll-free phone number lookups! Thank you for your dedication to excellence.

Logan Marshall
Founder of Tollfreenumber.ORG

You're fabulous! I used your service for the first time today and found the number I needed in about 10 seconds. Thanks so much!

Alexandra C.                     

Thanks so much. I searched for over 2 hours trying to find Animal Healthcare Products 800 number...finally got to your site and BINGO! Found it first try! Easy to use! I am sure I will be using this site again.

Mrs. V. G.                     

I just discovered this directory on PCN. Great! It helped me find a number that the 800 operator said didn't exist.

Mrs. H. G.                     

What a cool as hell site and service. I'm ashamed I hadn't seen it before. I ask every client I do a campaign for it they have an 800 number, and if they do, and if it was through AT&T, I submit them for a link at the AT&T 800 directory. Your site is wonderful for the MANY clients I have with 800/888 service that ISN'T through AT&T.

Eric R. W.                     

It beats every location service I've tried. Looking for a number that even AT&T didn't have. Thanks.

Kenneth M. F.                     

I tried that AT&T one and it was horrible. It was slow and eventually hung up. I came here and found exactly what I wanted and fast. Thanks.

Jeff R. D.                     

I was able to find every company that I have been looking for. I found your site to be straight forward and user-friendly (not to mention complete). Thanks for the help!

JR Billeisen                     

Thanks. Your service was only one of several I tried that could find the number I needed.

Michael P.                     

I am with the Arkansas Public Service Commission. In response to a consumer question about availability of 800/888 directories I started a search. To date I have found the AT&T Tool Free Directory and your Internet site. The consumer is not an AT&T 800/888 customer so cannot be listed in their directory. This is a good idea.

Brinton R.                     

Excellent alternative to the AT&T Tool Free Directory. This is great for companies who do not use AT&T service.

Jack E.                     

Hallelujah, and thank you very much! I went to your site, registered my two businesses, and wrote a hot link from my Web site. Your 800 service is long overdue; I've been encouraging readers of my book to seek regulatory relief to open up the 800-555-1212 databases to all carriers.

Shel H.                     

Thanks for the quick and effective response of your company and its fellow workers. You certainly are a client-oriented company. The page looks better than I thought it would and I'm ready to begin my efforts. Chuck and Michelle are pleasant and easy to work with. They understand. I feel good recommending your 800 Directory.

Bob T.                     

This is an excellent service, and what the new/www is about. It was quick, comprehensive and easy to use. I got 6 numbers to an almost obscure keyword inquiry. Thanks.

Art K.                     

I think that this is a very nice service that you provide to the small business community.

Don M.                     

I looked at the AT&T website for about 15 minutes and did not get the match that I was looking for. I hit it with your company the first time.

Tamara F.                     

I like this idea and want to use it more because I think it will help my business.

Edwin B. C.                     

Bravo...Excellent job
Looks Great...

Hugh F.                     

Well now, everyone can use a little praise now and then... but some deserve more than just a little. Your service is incredible and I thank you more than just a little.

Jack D.                     

Your directory had Little Tikes. AT&T's didn't. Good work.

Patrick J.                     

Thank you so much for having this service available to everyone. It is a blessing in disguise, especially, when your co, has you on the road, and you need the assistance. For instance, we are always moving due to the job, my husband is with, and before Moving, we always check on everything, and consult your service, to help us Get relocated, and with help knowing the area. Please keep up the good work, and please keep this available to others, who need it. Also, you are a mainstay so to speak for us!! Respectfully, Mrs. Walker

Mary W.                     

Through your service I finally found the 800 number to the tire company I have been trying to find. Thanks. By the way it was Delta Tires. They make great tires.

Luis L.                     

ThankyouThankyouThankyou - found EXACTLY what I needed on the first try….also last month found my very best high school friend after 52 years…She nearly had a heart attack when I called her after all of these years. Hooray for the GOOD GUYS!

M. V. W.                     

Comments: thank you for allowing my number to be seen. You guys are the greatest your service is great.

Stanley M.                     

I will list my company in your directory once my number is set because I think that you are doing a good thing...there needs to be a more complete reference available, and yours appears to be it. Customers shouldn't have to waste their time, trial and error, trying to find a number that that "particular carrier doesn't represent" and therefore being left with the impression that the COMPANY doesn't HAVE an 800 number (something that has happened to me many a time).

Johanna S.                     

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