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Net2Phone and Internet 800 provide free Direct Dial for all Internet 800 Search phone numbers from anywhere in the world.
Net2Phone installation and registration is a one time process. To receive your free copy of Net2Phone to make free 800 and 888 calls, click on the download button to the right!

Net2Phone Subscribers
Users of version 8.39 & below must click on the Free Download button to upgrade to version 8.40 for Toll Free number direct dial.

New Net2Phone users
After installation & registration, return to Internet 800 Search and click on the phone number for Direct Dial or write down the number that you wish to call now. Firewall issues may present problems for business users, please email net2phone customer service if difficulties persist.

What is Net2Phone?
Net2Phone is a service that allows you to place calls from your computer to any regular phone.

What can Net2Phone do for you?
For the first time ever you can use the Internet to call any 800 or 888 toll free number free of charge from anywhere on earth, as well as anyone, anywhere in the world at significant savings, without ever breaking your Internet connection.

How do I get Net2Phone for FREE?
Download right now - Windows 95

For rates & additional information please visit our web site at


Download Now:
New Net2Phone Users Click Here for Free Download (1.34MB, 5-8 minutes @ 28.8Kbps)

Installation Instructions

  • For Windows 95 & NT 4.0

    System Requirements:
  • Pentium Class Computer
  • Min 8MB RAM
  • 28.8Kbps Modem
  • Windows 3.x and above
  • Dial-up PPP Internet Connection
  • Sound Card, Microphone, & Speakers

  • "Conversations sounded exactly as they would on a traditional telephone"
    PC Magazine