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The basic listing in the Internet 800 Directory. Any business with a toll free number is entitled to a free listing in the Internet 800 Directory. The free listing consists of the company name, toll free number, state, and a couple of key words that describe the business or its products/services. This listing works well if the user already knows your company's name. Because of the large number of listings, it is improbable that a free listing will be found on a search by key word.



The Bold listing includes an expanded category (4 to 5 key words), a priority listing (your listing will be returned before any free listings), and the Company Name is displayed in a heavy black type. This listing can help create calls to your toll free number because Bold listings are displayed before any of the free listings, and your listing will match more often because of the expanded list of key words. When users search the directory for the goods or services you sell, they will find your listing.

Cost: Annual...........................$298.00


The Enhanced listing includes a greatly expanded category (usually more than a dozen key words), a priority listing (your listing will be returned before any free or Bold listings) and a hyperlink to your Web site. More than just an increase in your web site's traffic, this listing sends consumers specifically looking for your products/services directly to your web site.

Cost: Annual...........................$598.00

Key Word Super-Priority Placement (KPP)

The key to effective online advertising is positioning and placement in search engines. "Key Word Super-Priority Placement" is guaranteed priority placement of an Enhanced Listing, available on a month-to-month purchase (3-month minimum). The success behind the Priority Placement positions comes from providing an advertiser a guarantee (by purchasing the position they desire) that their listing and link will be seen EVERY time a user enters the "key word" selected by the advertiser. Each Priority Placement will come with the plural version of the key word as well, i.e. Airline and Airlines, Gift and Gifts, etc. This is truly targeted advertising for both your web site and your toll free number, based on the key words by which people find you.

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