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Studies have shown that simply placing a toll free number in your ads or on your web site can drastically increase orders. Estimates say it can boost sales by as much as 20-30%. It also helps you to reduce the return rate on your products. When people know they can easily call, they're less likely to send something back; instead, they'll opt to call and talk to someone about their issue.

A main benefit to having a toll free number is to present a more credible, professional image for your company. By showing a more professional image, you can greatly increase your company's sales. When customers are shopping and they're comparing a company with a toll free number with one without, it can make the crucial difference between getting the sale and not.

Most business owners have no idea just how easy it is to get a toll free number for their business. Since they're so easy to get and cost so little, even small companies can enjoy the benefits of having their own toll free number. A popular resource for toll free numbers is, who can help you get a toll free number for your business quickly and easily - all online.

ICB TOLL FREE NEWS is the daily news service of the Toll Free Industry, delivering a digestible mix of 800, trademark and domain-name reporting: regulatory, industry and marketing news, and insider how-to -- and when-to -- advice.

Updated daily and archived indefinitely, the focus is on toll-free user issues, interests and options, encompassing the world of 800/888/877/global 800 numbers, and correlating trademark and domain name issues. ICB Toll Free News meets the needs of business owners, corporate execs and marketing managers, as well as telecommunications professionals, worldwide.

Custom Toll Free provides toll free vanity consulting services to medium to large size businesses. Custom Toll Free specializes in searching for, locating and securing vanity numbers and blocks of toll free numeric numbers that boost your brand, and result in greater response and better campaign tracking. Custom Toll Free has a team of client service representatives and a team of asset evaluators and negotiators who all work for you!

Custom Toll Free has the tools, certification and experience to help you make smart choices that accelerate your brand and impact your bottom line!

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